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Hayley Turner wearing silks designed by sole-racehorse-ownership winner Tony WoodGeorge Crofton
George Crofton


11th March

As we welcome the arrival of spring, we thought our Lotto prize table would benefit from its very own spring clean and a bit of sprucing up – so we’ve streamlined the prize table to reinforce the fact that quality, not quantity, is what we’re all about.

There have been a few changes to the Prize Table and although we’ve got rid of one or two things (e.g. the Owner For A Day experience), they mostly concern the breakdown of prizes in the top tiers and plenty of the original, fantastic racing prizes are still up for grabs. We believe that the changes we have made are definitely for the better and will provide any top-tier prize winners with even more exciting, life-changing experiences.

For instance, Racehorse Lotto jackpot winners will now bag a whopping £150,000 in addition to sole ownership of a thoroughbred racehorse for one year! All training fees are still paid for by us – so it’s all yours to enjoy! As before, winners get to choose what type of runner they’d like to own (flat or jumps). They’ll also still get to design their very own racing colours (like Tony did in the picture above) and will have the chance to discover the hard work that goes on behind the scenes at their trainer’s world-class training facilities. And, of course, they still get exclusive access at the racecourse with their Owners & Trainers badges.

While the Owner For A Day experience is no longer an option at the second prize tier, the Owner For A Season prize is still very much up for grabs and winners will be able to enjoy many of the same amazing experiences as the jackpot winners – including being able to design (and keep) their own registered racing colours.

The Racehorse Lotto believes that everyone should have the opportunity to experience the ultimate dream of racehorse ownership and continues to offer the best prizes for racing fans.

To find out more about the breakdown of all Racehorse Lotto prizes, click on the link below: