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Christmas Raffle winner Tony with his horse Jen's GiftGeorge Crofton
George Crofton


16th July

Dig out your frocks, dust off your hats, polish your shoes and get yourselves ready - because the Christmas Filly, recently named Jen’s Gift by her new owner and Christmas Raffle winner Tony Wood, is set to make her debut at Windsor next week!

Racehorse Lotto HQ has been buzzing since we heard the news from trainer James Ferguson that Jen’s Gift has been entered into the Racing TV EBF Restricted Maiden Stakes at Beverley on Monday (19th July) at 5:45pm!

We’re excited... Tony’s excited... and there is a lot to be excited about! For starters, following our launch in March last year Jen’s Gift was the first runner to have been won in any of our competitions. Not only that, but this will be the young filly’s very first outing on the track!

Tony, winner of our inaugural RHL raffle last Christmas, was the first of our competition winners to experience sole ownership of his very own racehorse – completely for free! As if that wasn’t cool enough, he’s been able to not only name his horse, but also design his own silks (which will be worn by top jockey Hayley Turner on Monday), visit her at the trainer’s yard and see her in action on the gallops in Newmarket.

And that’s not all. Even more exciting is that if Jen’s Gift comes in 3rd, 2nd or (...hold your breath...) 1st, Tony gets to keep any prize money. And perhaps the most exciting thing of all – the winner of the Racing TV EBF Restricted Maiden Stakes will be eligible for a Great British Bonus (https://www.thetba.co.uk/breed-protection/gbb/) which means that the winning owner(s) could pocket up to £20,000!

We’ll keep you updated with all the news on Jen’s Gift and in the meantime, strap yourselves in because whatever happens – it’s going to be an exciting ride.