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Victoria Stokes

Day in the life of ... A racehorse

17th September

Every training yard has its own timetable but will follow a strict routine to maintain structure from early morning to after dark.

Here’s what a typical day might look like:

5.00am– First feeds of the day.

6.00am-noon – Mucking out and exercise – each horse will be exercised for 1-1.5 hours either in a purpose-built arena or on the gallops.

12.30pm -3.00pm – Yard is swept, horses are fed and watered and enjoy some downtime for the afternoon.

3.00pm-5.30pm – Evening stables where the horses will have another groom and check over for injuries. Some will need a ride, lead out or time on the walker depending on their needs. Those that have been in small paddocks will come back in for the evening.

8.30pm – Final check and late feeds before the horses are tucked up for the evening - if it’s cold they’ll be rugged up to keep them extra warm!

Of course, on a race day the routine can be slightly different, but horses are fed one hour before they are due to travel. Most trainers will plan to arrive at the racecourse 3 hours before the race to allow the horse to rest.

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