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The Racehorse Lotto Christmas Raffle Filly during the lunging and long-reining process (image by Dominic James)George Crofton
George Crofton

The Racehorse Lotto Christmas Raffle Filly: Pre-training Update

24th November

Hayley Turner’s been getting to know our Christmas Raffle filly and shares an update on how things are going in the video below.

Hayley will be riding the filly during the 2021 flat season (in colours/silks chosen by the winner of the Racehorse Lotto Christmas Raffle) and so has been spending time with the young apprentice as she completed her fifth week of pre-training.

Having settled-in well, the filly has been through the ‘lunging process’ and ‘long-reining’. This is when she moves around the trainer in a circle on the end of a lunge line and is usually done as a way to let a horse safely burn off extra energy without anyone riding it. Regarded as the ideal basis of all training, it develops the strength and straightness required for a horse to carry a rider without damaging effects and is helpful in developing balance, rhythm, and to improve the horse's paces. It can also be used to detect lameness.

She’s been ridden away for the first time, is looking good and seems to be really enjoying herself.